DVD n°56 - Lòczy, a place to grow (NTSC)

DVD n°56 - Lòczy, a place to grow (NTSC)

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This Place to Grow is a residential nersery. Everybody calls it Loczy, after the name of the little street where it is located on the heights of Budapest in Hungaria. It was founded in 1947 by Emmi Pikler, a daring woman of the twenties and a prediatrician with revolutionary ideas. Loczy takes in about fifty babies and orphan children, abandoned or placed.

Elsewhere, it is common to hear that the baby is a person. Nevertheless, as far as we know, Loczy is one of the few places - if not the only place in the world fi where, for 60 years, everything has been really done to treat babies like persons every minute of their lives.

All this makes Loczy a marvellous laboratory, a life-sized experience as it is a radically different way of considering childen and the relationship of adults with them. What is done here to help traumatized children to be able to live does not concern only professionnals who work with children but also all of us as adults and parents.


Version anglaise sans bonus (170 mn)
Format NTSC

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Parution : 18 octobre 2009
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Pikler - Lóczy : Films en diffusion
Thème : Enfance & parentalité