EBMT 2017 : special issue psychologists' topic

EBMT 2017 : special issue psychologists' topic

La greffe allogénique. Diversité des pratiques psychologiques en Europe
Numéro 3 - Revue annuelle

Avec la participation de Yolande ARNAULT, Patrick BEN SOUSSAN, Didier BLAISE, Clara BOTTAI, Susan BOYLE, Patrice CANNONE, Susanne CEBULLA, Christian CHABANNON, Danièle DESCHAMPS, Andreia DIAS FERNANDES RIBEIRO ALMEIDA LIMA, Lilian DUTTO, Cécile GLINEUR, Jimmie HOLLAND, Axel KAHN, Kathleen MCHUGH, Emanuela MENCAGLIA, Mohamad MOTHY, Cristina NAVE, Alice POLOMENI

Dans la revue :

The EBMT 2017 Annual Meeting held its first Psy Day on Monday 27 March in Marseille. For the first time, EBMT 2017 offered psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts from Europe to meet, share and learn from each other practice experiences. A pioneering program has been orchestrated with a view to highlight significant contributions made by psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts of hematology and bone marrow and stem cell transplant units. These professionals play a key role in enhancing the patients' quality of life, which is an essential criteria to measure the outcome of a therapeutic procedure. Nowadays, the outcome cannot solely be judged simply on overall survival. These professionals also support the patients' relatives, caregivers, donors and the BMT team.

This book takes up the papers on the first Psy day, written by renowned professionals in the field and focusing on the psychological dimension of BMT and SCT and the diversity of practices across Europe.

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Cancers & psys - la revue
Thème : Santé mentale